This is how I see things.

I used to think about design as a two-dimensional, linear discipline. It existed at one point in time on a two-dimensional rectangle: a screen or a piece of paper.

Then I crashed my motorcycle.

For the first time in my life I was living in a world that was not designed for me. I had to move out of my apartment because it had too many stairs. Reaching the toilet required a game plan and a spotter and the smallest tasks were weighed against the pain they required. For me, this experience lasted a year. For many, it is life. 

This crash-course in empathy evolved my thinking as a designer.

Now I see design as dynamic, four-dimensional discipline — a way to reach people where they are and how they live. I concept solutions that reach beyond the old two-dimensional rectangle: digital experiences, physical activations, augmented and virtual reality, projection mapping, sculpture — whatever it takes to reach somebody the way they want to be reached.



Currently: Candidate for Master of Experience Design at the VCU Brandcenter (2019)

Formerly: Comparative Politics, Foreign Policy, and Nonprofit Publishing

Reading: The EconomistBird by Bird by Anne Lamott, comic books (various).

Hobbies: Cooking, sculpting, the space-age, crackin’ wise.

Guilty Pleasure: Extremely bad branded video games.